MHSA Grant - Competency trainings

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MHSA Grant - Competency trainings


Materials related to the MHSA grant-sponsored competency trainings.

Items in the MHSA Grant - Competency trainings Collection

Competency Assessment Instrument
Worksheet for assessing an individual's competency

Competency Assessment Rating Form
Scoresheet for assessing an individual's competency based on various metrics.

Presentation describing competency and relevant court processes for people served by regional centers

Short guide to the components to include in a chart for a forensically-involved client

Forensic Assessment Tools for Competency, Malingering and Neuropsychological Screening
An overview of the various tools one might use to assess a defendant

A description of the various participants in the legal process, geared towards clients.

One-page guide to how a regional center employee can visit a client who is incarcerated.

Summary of the case of Quiroz, a defendant restored to competency.

Pursuing Justice for People with Cognitive Disabilities
A booklet meant to help better inform the various participants in the criminal justice system who may interact with defendants with developmental disabilities.

A Slater baseline scoresheet for evaluating a defendant.

A Slater Method overall scoresheet for evaluating a defendant.

Cover sheet and checklist for referring an individual to competency training

Juvenile: Incompetent To Stand Trial
Overview of competency issues as relates to juveniles

PowerPoint describing the work of the LA County Probation Department as relates to juveniles with competency concerns.

Legal Documents - Competence
Jury instructions for determining if a defendant is mentally competent, penal code description of trial process for a defendant found competent, and penal code description of what happens if competency changes during postrelease supervision or paroleā€¦

Bullet point descriptions of details related to competency

A memorandum concerning the PDC waitlist, citing relevant statute